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Back day at Urban Active

jan151 281x300 Back day at Urban Active


Yesterday I texted my friend Will (NPC Bodybuilder) to get a workout in this week and our schedules matched up to hit some back today.  His offseason is coming to an end and in three weeks he starts his prep for his first competition of the 2012 season.  He's a trainer over at Urban Active and it was a good switch up for me to get in a new gym.  I hadn't done deadlifts since August and we decided on throwing those in there to finish the workout off.  I'm going to be hurting for a few days lol.  Here is the full workout...

  1. Wide Grip Pulldowns - 2 warm up sets 15 reps, 3x12
  2. Iso Hammer Strength row - 1 "feel set" 3x12
  3. Seated Cable row - 4x12
  4. Standing Wide grip pulldowns - 3x12
  5. Deadlifts - 1 set 135lb x12, 1 set 225lb x12, 3x12 with 315lb
jan152 225x300 Back day at Urban Active


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