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Back in the day…


photo205 Back in the day...I remember back in my early 20's after a couple years of lifting under my belt every month I would buy bodybuilding magazines to always try to learn new tips/tricks on anything and everything to do with bodybuilding (and I still do every month now).  Flipping through the pages of a magazine you always see the ads for different supplements and other fitness oriented products and I remember dreaming back then of being able to represent a company and be in all of their ads in the magazines.  I always believed in myself that I could make it happen but never thought that 8 years later I would in fact be living one of my dreams.  What a lot of people don't know is I started pursuing this journey in 2007 and I honestly feel that my career is just now starting.  Staying positive and having a lot of perseverance has gotten me where I'm at now along with hard work and dedication.  They all work synergistically and if one is lacking then it usually effects the rest.  I'm not saying throughout the past 6 years of my journey I've always been the most positive person because there were several occasions I was extremely down on myself and contemplating moving on to other adventures in life but I'm so happy and thankful that I didn't and stuck with what I love doing.

photo202 Back in the day...So enough about all that let's get into this weeks remainder of workouts.  I thought last week was a hell of a week but I topped that this week and especially on leg and back days.  The only workout that I wasn't too thrilled about this week was one of my favorite days...Arm day.  For some reason just wasn't getting the intense pumps I'm used to and that automatically throws me off my chi lol.  Hope everyone had an awesome week as well!  Today I'm taking a complete rest day and getting some deep tissue therapy done later on this afternoon.

photo2011 Back in the day...Wednesday - Arms

  1. One Arm Hammer Preacher Machine Curl - 5 sets
  2. One Arm DB preacher curl - 4 sets
  3. Standing DB Curl - 3 sets
  4. Standing Hammer DB Curl - 3 sets
  5. Standing Barbell Curl - 3 sets
  6. Dips - 4 sets
  7. Rope Pressdowns - 4 sets
  8. Skull crushers with straight bar - 3 sets
  9. cable pressdown - 3 sets

Thursday - OFF

Friday - Delts/Triceps

  1. Standing Barbell Overhead Press - 5 sets
  2. Seated DB Laterals - 4 sets
  3. Standing DB Laterals - 3 sets
  4. Reverse Pec Dec - 3 sets
  5. Cambered Bar Front Raise - 3 sets
  6. One arm reverse cable fly - 3 sets
  7. Barbell Shrugs - 4 sets
  8. Behind the back smith machine shrugs - 4 sets
  9. Straight bar cable pressdown - 7 sets (done fst-7 style)
  10. one arm reverse grip pressdown - 4 sets

Saturday - BACK/Bicep

  1. wide grip pulldowns - 5 sets
  2. one arm plate loaded pulldown machine - 4 sets
  3. one arm standing db row - 3 sets
  4. t-bar row chest support - 3 sets
  5. one arm hammer strength row - 4 sets upper top grip, 2 sets narrow inside grip
  6. reverse grip hammer strength pulldowns - 3 sets
  7. bicep high elbows curl machine - 4 sets
  8. standing 2 arm cable curls - 4 sets

photo2101 Back in the day...

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