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Rick Day - NYC 2008

You can disregard the previous post of my facebook page.  My friend Cody texted me today and informed me about combining my 2 pages (personal, and athlete page) together so it'll have everything on there etc.  This will be a lot easier for me to update just one page so when it's all transferred over I'll post up a new link.  I'll be posting daily tips,recipes,workouts,pictures,etc.  On Sunday I'll be filming my back and tricep workout.  It's still going to be with my old camera and just some raw footage but I'm anxious to start putting videos out till my new camera comes.  The video will be up Monday or Tuesday.

Here is this weeks Delt workout.

  1. Standing DB Lateral Raises - 2 warm ups x20, 4x10
  2. machine shoulder press - 1 "feel" set, 3x10
  3. reverse pec dec - 3x10
  4. cambered bar front raises - 3x12
  5. barbell shrugs - 4x10-12

I finished the workout off with 21's for calfs.  I got this from IFBB Pro Brandon Ray's fbook page.  Do 7 reps heavy, 7 reps half the weight, 7 reps half that weight for a total of 21 reps for 1 set.  Do that 4 rounds and damn it was good..give it a try!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to go see The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo and tomorrow night I'll be watching the UFC fights.

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