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WORKOUT13 300x12091 Leg/CardioSome new things I'm incorporating to my weekly routine is training legs twice a week.  When you train legs and train them correctly and intense it releases more testosterone which will increase overall lean body mass.  Today was tough! I woke up at 6:30am (Everyday I don't even need to use a alarm anymore my body automatically wakes up)  and went to the gym and did 45 minutes of low intensity step mill on an empty stomach.  Actually it didn't feel empty at all from my delicious cheat meal last night icon smile Leg/Cardio A few hours later around 10am I went and trashed legs.  When your training anything and you get to that 8,9,10,11,12 rep and your  mind is telling you to quit TELL YOUR SELF YOU CAN EITHER KEEP TRAINING THE SAME AND REMAIN THE SAME or fight through it and fall in love with the pain as I have.  Fighting it and pushing yourself to new limits you thought didn't exist is what will keep your physique progressing.  Every time I train and get toward the end of each set I'm always talking to myself with the music blaring in my ears.

  1. lying leg curl - 4x20
  2. seated leg curl - 3x12
  3. leg ext - 4x20,15,15,12
  4. squats - 3x12, 2 drop sets on last set. first drop set 10 reps second drop 20 reps
  5. leg press - 4x20,15,15,12 2 dropsets on last set. 15 reps on first drop then 20 reps on second drop
july16frontbi 150x150 Leg/Cardio july16frontbi
july16 150x150 Leg/Cardio july16 July 16 2011 - Nashville,TN
WORKOUT13 300x12091 150x120 Leg/Cardio WORKOUT13-300x120
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