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-Workout- LEGS/abs

this afternoons leg workout intensity was insane!  i believe it's because i'm so excited about getting back up to NYC in front of the camera.  i look at these shoots as the most important ever because i'm reintroducing myself with a different physique that i was never able to accomplish before. the way i look now is the way i've always wanted to since i first started lifting weights at age 18.  here is the workout

  1. leg press - 3 warm-up sets for 15-25 reps,3 working sets of 12 reps (worked up to 6 plates on each side) then on the last set did 3 dropsets of 10 reps a piece finished with just 2 plates a side.
  2. squats -  4x10-12 one drop set on the last set
  3. lying leg curl superset stiff-leg deadlifts 3x12 one drop set on the last set of lying leg curls
  4. walking db lunges - 15 steps each way total 30 steps for one set. did a total of 3 sets
  5. seated leg press calve raise - 4x12
  6. standing calve raise superset rope crunches 4x12
  7. jump rope 5 minutes

tomorrow is back/bi and wednesday is arms which i'll be filming so i'll have that video up wednesday night.  i wanted to film this workout tonight but didn't have anyone that could. then thursday am i leave for ny and i'll be doing shoulders that night after shooting with rick day at 4:30pm

here's another picture from my last night on my VA trip with Anthony and Josh.

photo7 Workout LEGS/abs

202 - Roanoke,VA

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