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WORKOUT13 300x12042 Legs/CardioMy right knee is still sore so I'm not able to go through my full workouts as I usually would but I still manages to get a decent one in.  I tried to do squats and the first rep I did a felt the minor pain so I didn't do those at all.  This was after leg ext,leg curl, and leg press.  The pain only comes now on a squat movement or lunge movement.  Depending on how it feels into next week I might take a week off from leg training.

  1. Bike ride to gym 1.5 miles
  2. Leg Ext superset Standing One leg Curl - 4x12-15
  3. Leg Press - 5x12-15
  4. Stiff Leg Dead lifts superset hip adductors - 3x12-15
  5. Standing Calve raise - 3x12-15
  6. Stair Climber - 10 min HIIT
  7. Bike ride home 1.5 miles
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