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WORKOUT13 300x12077 Legs/CardioLeg training is now back to 100 percent. As I'm sitting here writing this I'm still not feeling fully back to normal which is always a good indicator to me that I had a really good one.  I can't accept any new friends on facebook as I've maxed out so if you'd like to ask any questions instead of in the shout box you can do so at my athlete page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tyler-McPeak/242281995797566 make sure to "like" it.

  1. One leg leg ext - 4x15
  2. Seated upright leg press machine - 4x15
  3. Leg press - 4x10-12 one drop set for 30 reps on last set
  4. smith machine squats (i wanted to do free weight but was being used) - 4x10
  5. Leg ext superset seated leg curl - 3x15
  6. lying leg curl - 2x15
  7. seated calve raise - 4x10-15 one drop set on last set
  8. stair climber - 20 min HIIT 3 minute high 1 minute low alternate back in forth to 20 min.
photo281 225x300 Legs/Cardio

Drago - 1 year old

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