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No other day like leg day.  I biked to the gym to get my knee's nice and warmed up despite the bad weather.  I made it back just it time after my workout because it started to rain on me on the way home.  Here is the workout

  1. Stiff Leg Deadlifts - 4x12 1 warm up set for 20
  2. Squats - 3x12 - one set of 20. these are done constant. lighter weight i only did 135 but no pauses it continuous up and down.
  3. Stationary DB Lunges - 3x12
  4. Leg Press superset lying leg curls - 3x12
  5. Seated Calve Raises - 4x12
  6. Run 2 miles in 14minutes
  7. stairclimber 5 minutes

Here is a couple of digitals that i took just now.  All of the extra food has definitly filled me out and my muscles fill very tight and full even when i'm not pumped.  My pumps have been insane! I'm weighing 205 in the am.

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  1. 7 minute miles….okay Ty that’s some runnin, love chasin yah, but at that speed your on your own….lol.

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