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Nashville Athletic Club

After speaking with Hany on Monday and getting my program changes for the next couple of weeks I was excited not only from talking to him about the changes but that I get to join another gym.  I'd been waiting until I needed to because the first four weeks my current gym that I train my clients and also workout at (the one you see in the videos) had everything I needed and it's only 5 minutes from the house.  Out of the gyms here in Nashville I picked the NAC (Nashville Athletic Club).  It's by far the best gym I've ever been a member at and it's also the cheapest icon smile The NAC It has EVERYTHING that I need and I trashed delts there today.  One of my best delt workouts I've had due to the new environment.  A small detail that I just started to be strict about is timing my rest periods in between sets.  I purchased a digital wrist watch to make sure I'm not resting too long or not long enough.  I suggest you do the same.  This is one detail that I've always gone by instinct and assumption for my rest periods.  I've never had the issue of talking and bullshitting between sets but this just assures me that I'm doing everything to a T.  If you tend to start chatting and get sidetracked between sets remember that your in there to get a job done and save the talking for afterward you want to stay focused on YOUR workout.

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