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Seated DB Lateral Raise/Fly

DB Lateral Raise/Fly
DBLATERALRAISEFLY 300x120 Seated DB Lateral Raise/Fly

DB Lateral Raise/Fly

Here is another unique exercise you will find in TMT-PHASE ONE!  It targets all three heads of the deltoids.  This exercise does not take much weight at all in fact when I use this on some of my clients they have to just use no weight.  Sequence this exercise towards the end of your workout it's a great finisher to really get that burn and maximize blood in the delts!

1. Start with the DB's in normal starting position of a lateral raise
2.Raise them like a normal lateral raise leading with your elbows not wrists
3.Bring the DB's in front of your face
4.Front Raise the DB's over your head
5.Bring the DB's back down to position 3
6.Then back to position 2
7.Finally back to starting position that is 1 complete rep

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