Tyler McPeak


  1. WORKOUT13 300x12096 Shoulders/Calves/Forearm/Cardioseated smith machine overhead press - 2 warm ups, 3x10,8,6, one drop set on last set for 10
  2. upright row - 3x12
  3. standing db laterals - 3x12 one drop set on last set to 10
  4. standing behind the neck barbell presses  superset seated lateral raise machine - 3x12
  5. barbell shrugs superset bent over db laterals - 3x12
  6. TRI-SET - barbell shrugs, seated db lateral front raise, standing one arm db lateral raise - 3x12
  7. seated calve raise superset seated reverse wrist curls - 4x12-15
  8. elliptical 20 minutes low intensity

I will be doing 40 minutes of cardio later on along with some abs.

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