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One thing I want to point out about this whole process is that I have a brand new hunger for my workouts.  There for a while I was starting to get burnt out and felt over trained and was having to take rest days etc.  It's a new ball game now and like I said before this is as focused as I've ever been.  I was thinking to myself today that I accomplished my physique on my own for 7 years and never really peaked my true potential through my battle with an eating disorder to never really knowing how to diet correctly.  I hate to call it a diet because it truly is a lifestyle choice you have to make in order to look a certain way.  All that being said words can't really describe how excited I am. photo65 225x300 Shoulders/Traps

Shoulders and Traps were trashed today and when I got home my package of supplements had arrived so I can't wait to get them started tomorrow!

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