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WORKOUT13 300x120109 Shoulders/TricepYesterday was my day off so I got to relax quite a bit after I was done with my morning clients.  I was only scheduled to have one afternoon client but she texted me and said she didn't think she had a muscle in her body that wasn't sore lol (I trained her on Saturday and Monday)   I ended up laying around all day being lazy and I watched the documentary of Kings of Leon on Showtime.  It gave me a whole new appreciation to their music.  Today was shoulder/tricep day and I lightened up on the weight just a bit as I will in tomorrows back workout too just to make sure I am fully recovered to start my new program next week.

  1. Giant Set - seated db press,standing db lateral raise,bus drivers,plate front raises - 3x10-15
  2. rope cable front raises superset standing db laterals - 4x10
  3. rope press downs superset seated overhead straight bar ext - 3x12-15
  4. reverse grip one arm pushdowns superset leg press calve raise - 3x12-20

Here is the video demonstration of one of my sets of the giant set.  Give this a try in your next shoulder workout!

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