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Thursday’s Shoulder workout + Friday’s Arm workout

tarricelove 199x300 Thursdays Shoulder workout + Fridays Arm workout

Tarrice Love - NYC

Thursday Ron and I headed over to Greenhill's to hit the shoulder routine I watched a video of on musculardevelopment.com.  It was the most recent Victor Martinez workout which had some new stuff that I was excited to try out.

  1. Reverse pec dec + reverse high cable flys - 4x12
  2. standing db laterals + standing db laterals partials (top half of rep) - 4x12
  3. seated db press - 4x10
  4. reverse db hammer press + bus drivers + front raises - 4x10
  5. ab machine crunches - 4x20
  6. stepmill - 15 minutes hit

Bus drivers - hold a plate directly in front of you (i used a 25lb) have a slight bend in the elbows to keep pressure off and turn from right to left is 1 rep. I'd never tried these until today and they are PAINFUL! I'll definitely be incorporating these in weekly.

Friday's arm workout was from a video I watched on flexonline.com of Phil Heath (one of my favorite pro's).

  1. cambered bar 21's - 4 sets
  2. seated concentration curls - 4x12
  3. standing db hammer curls - 4x10
  4. preacher curls - 4x10-12
  5. straight bar pressdowns - 4x12
  6. incline skull crushers + close press - 4x10-12
  7. dips - 3xfailure

For cardio later on in the afternoon I did 8 rounds of 20 second uphill sprints then jump rope and berpies with pushups.  I'll be doing a lot more high intensity cardio now.  I just got very bored with doing the low intensity all the time.  The feeling that high intensity cardio gives you is amazing.  Yesterday was a rude awakening of how out of shape my heart and lungs had gotten from doing low intensity all the time.  It's such a different condition you get your body into when you can get good at high intensity.  I look forward to reaping the benefits of being in top cardio shape again.  This upcoming week I'll be changing up my split as well.  All of these changes will throw my body into a shock and keep the progress rolling.  Monday I'll be filming my chest workout.  And later on in the week I'll be filming some other stuff too.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Tonight I'll be watching the UFC fights and relaxing at home.  I'm pulling for Silva and Griffin.

aug26 300x156 Thursdays Shoulder workout + Fridays Arm workout

Suzanne, Randy (one of my clients),Terrie - 8/26 Seppe's B-Day Party


"Interval Training.  Over the past few years, it has become clear that interval training is superior to steady-state cardio for fat loss.  the reason interval training is superior is because interval training burns more calories "post-exercise".  All the epinephrine, norepinephrine and growth hormone that spikes during high-intensity exercise results in an after-burn effect that burns more calories during the recovery period.  Catecholamines, especially epinephrine, have been shown to enhance fat mobilization release from both subcutaneous and intramuscular fat stores." - Oct. 2011 Muscular Development

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