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What a WEEK!

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This week I feel like my body has been put through the ringer.  Any time you change things up on your body and break habits you once had is throws your body into a shock.  I look at every workout now with purpose that will lead to the end product in December when I head to LA to shoot.  A couple of tips that I wanted to give everyone is make yourself a plan.  It sounds very simple and it is but it works wonders especially on the nutrition side of things.  It's been so much easier for me to have a plan that I follow every day.  I know what meals I'm going to be having around the same times everyday.  As you may have been following on my food log before everyday would be a little different because I didn't have structure.  I would go into each day not knowing what exactly I would be having.  Of coarse I had some sort of an idea of the foods I had but like I said there was no structure.

nyc 300x211 What a WEEK!

I took this picture from a friends roof top when I used to live in NYC

Friday's Back/Hamstring workout was great.  My supplements had came in the day before so it was the first day of trying them out.  Got a very full pump!  Saturday rolled around and I hit Arms/Calves.  One of the best pumps I'd gotten in a while and training biceps was PAINFUL from the amount of blood flushing into them rep by rep.  Last night I tried to watch the Strikeforce MMA fight's on Showtime and only made it to through the second fight and passed out.  Today I had a couple of clients this morning and I've been resting and watching football all day while managing to take an hour nap in there.  It's my off day and it's been a much needed rest and recovery day.  I'll be fresh and ready to get back in there tomorrow and start my week off with Chest!

Today is a day of reflection and memorial.  Thank you to EVERYONE that serves and protects our country.

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