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Weekend Recap

philheath 199x300 Weekend Recap

Phil Heath - 2011 Mr.Olympia

Friday's Back/Hamstring workout was great.  I usually can't get my back sore but this workout I managed to.  Each and every workout my contractions and focus is improving due to the Evogen supplement stack helping out.  Yesterday I hit some arms/calves and it was a SICK workout!  I felt completely swollen and pumped to the max.  I supersetted the 2.  Week to week I switch my arm training from all biceps first then triceps, then superset bi/tri back in forth, and lastly all triceps then biceps. My weight this morning when I woke up on an empty stomach was 213lb.  I've NEVER looked this way at this weight before  and I'll be posting my first progress pictures in 2 weeks which will make it a 4 week marker working with Hany.   This weekend was full of entertainment.  Friday night I played quite a bit of ps3.  The new Madden 2012 is ridiculous and I  also went to gamestop and picked up the old ufc undisputed 2010.  Saturday I watched the free UFC fights on spike tv and there was a couple of good fights Jake Shields got KO'ed pretty badly in the first round quickly.  The Mr. Olympia (Superbowl of bodybuiding )was on live stream on bodybuilding.com and my favorite Phil Heath beat out 4 time Mr.Olympia Jay Cutler.  Then last but not least watched the Maywheather vs. Ortiz fight which was complete bullshit in my opinion.  A dirty head but from Ortiz led to Maywheather knocking him out when his hands were down and apologizing.  In the post fight interviews this guy told Floyd that if he was 50 years younger he would beat his ass...LMAO!!

One of my online clients Johnathen is weight loss client and at the end of his first week lost 7lbs! He's got 11 more weeks to go with me and I'm excited to get him to reach his goals.  Today is my off day so I'm going to be lazy and watch football.  Looking forward to the Eagles vs Falcons tonight.

maywheather 300x184 Weekend Recap

If I was 50 years younger I would beat your ASS!

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