Tyler McPeak

-Workout- ARMS/ABS

Tonight both Ron and I agreed that this was one of the best arm workouts we've done in a while!  We've been training heavier then we normally do and since I've been watching Charles Glass (guru trainer from LA - trains at Gold's Venice Beach) videos on Flexonline.com I've been using his drop set techniques. They are super INTENSE! I'll be recording new workout videos next week so everyone can have a visual of the technique.

  1. Incline DB Curls superset One arm cable tricep kickouts - 2 warm up sets then each working set consisted of 2 dropsets. 3x6-12
  2. standing BB curls superset two arm overhead seated db ext - 1 warm up set 3 working sets same as above with drops 6-12 reps
  3. BB preacher curls superset rope pressdowns - 3x8-12 same drops as above
  4. hammer curls superset closegrip bench pres - 2x10-12 one drop set on the last set of hammer curls
  5. seated concentration curls triset reverse grip bb curls and close-grip pushups to failure - 2 sets 10-12 reps 2 drop sets on the curls.
  6. Hanging Leg Raises giant set w/ rope crunches,oblique floor twists,weighted sit ups 2 sets to failure
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