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-Workout- Arms/ABS/Basketball/Hand work

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December 26 2010 Roanoke,VA

First off I want to say that this has been the best Christmas of my life.  Everything just feels right.  I had a great time last night catching up with a lot of old friends and meeting new ones.  Thank you Roanoke for all of the support!  So 2am rolled around and I lucked out and got one of the few cabs that were left to take me home (I was planning on just walking home from downtown if I had to) because the roads were pretty covered in snow.  We made it very close to my house but the road had gotten too bad so I had to troop it out in the snow for about 15 minutes to get home.  This morning upon waking the driveway was covered so first thing I did today was shovel all of the snow off which took about an hour. Next I met up with Eric. A good childhood friend we played basketball and baseball together.  Here's the workout

  1. close grip preacher curls superset one arm over head db ext standing - 4x8-12
  2. one arm hammer preacher machine curls superset dips - 3x10-12 on curls and went to failure on dips. first set 30,second set 25 and last set 15
  3. standing db curls superset rope pressdowns 3x10-12
  4. seated cable behind neck curls superset one arm cable pressdown 3x15-20
  5. standing concentration curls superset close grip pushups to failure - curls 3x12
  6. handing weighted leg raises - 3x15
  7. rope crunches 3x12
  8. ball twists on the sit up bench 3xfailure
  9. basketball drills for 30 minutes
  10. boxing hand work 5 minutes

This was the first time I had picked up the basketball in a LONG TIME. It felt very strange because it was just like riding a bike. Everything clicked as soon as I started doing the drills and I'm still able to dunk it with authority icon smile Workout Arms/ABS/Basketball/Hand work I'm going to get some footage on camera tomorrow. I'm going to be adding basketball into my weekly routine a couple times a week.

photo81 225x300 Workout Arms/ABS/Basketball/Hand work

Finished product after shoveling all the snow

photo61 225x300 Workout Arms/ABS/Basketball/Hand work

A picture I took last night in Downtown Roanoke,VA

photo51 225x300 Workout Arms/ABS/Basketball/Hand work

Bill Pearl..Classic Physique

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