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Ben, Tyler & Big Man Dec 23 2010 BAC

"For a fact, this business is more crooked
The boys'll sell they souls to the devil, the Lord lookin" - Style P

Today was a awesome workout! I worked out for 2 hours and 15 minutes. I had some built up aggression that I got  out.  my old training partner Ben worked out with me today and we killed it! It was like we picked up where we left off last time we worked out together.

  1. weighted chins - 3x6-12
  2. one arm hammer row - 3x12 with 2 dropsets on the last set for 15-20
  3. overhand bb row superset reverse grip pulldowns - 3x12
  4. deadlifts 3x12
  5. standing lateral db raise superset standing rope pulldowns - 3x12
  6. upright row superset machine lateral raise - 3x12
  7. one arm behind back cable lateral raise superset bent over db laterals 3x8-12
  8. one arm smith machine shrug triset with machine shrugs and preacher curls machine - 3x12
  9. concentration db curl superset with forearm rope 3x12
  10. heavy bag boxing 15 minutes
  11. step mill 15 min high intensity on level 14
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