Tyler McPeak

-Workout- Shoulders/Abs/Boxing/Run

Ron and I back at it in Nashville! Tonight we hit it pretty quick. Minimal rest in between sets 20-30 seconds. Ron is now down to 209!
When he started working out with me he was about 222lb.  It's dropping off quickly and he's keeping his size.

  1. Upright rows - 4x10-12 2 drop sets on last set
  2. Rope front raises cable - 3x10-12
  3. Standing DB laterals - 2x10-12 2x30
  4. Reverse pec dec superset one arm standing db lateral raise - 3x12
  5. BB Shrugs superset rope crunches - 3x12-15
  6. Hanging Leg raises 3x15
  7. heavy bag 10 minutes
  8. one mile run 6:05 (record time)

My friends Josh,Justin,Daniel, and Brandi came into town to celebrate New Years! Tomorrow is Arm Day icon smile Workout Shoulders/Abs/Boxing/Run

Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year.

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