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First workouts on the new program…

paulreitz41 245x300 First workouts on the new program...

Paul Reitz - NYC Winter 2009

So after taking Saturday and Sunday off I was pretty excited to get in there today and get started on the training segment of my program.  I started the diet on Saturday.  When I spoke with Hany on Friday he told me that my split that I had just started last week was a good one for me so we are keeping it for the time being.  If you didn't read the post of my new split it's

  • Monday - Chest
  • Tues - Quads
  • Wed - OFF
  • Thursday - Shoulders
  • Friday - Back
  • Saturday - Arms

I got the sickest pump in my chest today and that is still with zero supplements.  Once my supplements get here any day now I'll be starting right away.  Over the weekend I went out with some friends for the final time and I have to say I really didn't have a good time because my total attention is on my program.  I've never been so focused in my life and I know it's going to pay off in more ways than one.  My 4 month hibernation has begun and I hope you guys enjoy my whole process as I'll still be filming videos and taking progress pictures every couple weeks.  My weight is currently 218lb on an empty stomach.  Once I upload the first progress pictures I'll put all of my updated stats and measurements.


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